TV and Video

We’ve worked with some of the major terrestrial television broadcasters in Britain and a lot of the independent television production companies over the years to help produce some of the most memorable television and video productions of the last decade.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Stephen Fry: Gadget Man (C4)
  • Toughest Place to be a Nurse (BBC2)
  • Panorama (BBC1)
  • Scrapheap Challenge (C4)
  • This World (BBC2)
  • Castle (C4)
  • Rough Science (BBC)
stephen-fry-gadget-man Stephen Fry welcomes us into his wonderful world of tech, from the everyday to the extraordinary. In this show Stephen tries out all the products and prototypes he can lay his hands on, gadgets from the future, gadgets from the past, life-changing ones and sweet little gizmos that will change the way you live your life tomorrow. And he does it all in the company of some of his famous friends. 4 x 30 minute programmes
toughest-place-to-be-a-nurse Emergency nurse Maria Connolly leaves the A&E department of the Royal Preston Hospital to work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – the centre of a violent drug war. During her stay Maria treats patients with a terrifying variety of violent injuries. She sees gunshot injuries, stabbings, beatings and even a father and son who were put through a mock execution. But the nurses of Juarez General work through the mayhem with dedication and humour, in the face of the world’s most notorious drug war.
PanoramaWith nearly 9,000 people dying from alcohol-related diseases every year and medical experts describing it as a health crisis, Alastair Campbell, whose own drink-related problems have been well-documented, meets some of the increasing number of Britain’s middle-class professionals for whom one glass of wine after work is never enough. The former Labour Party communications chief asks whether the nation needs to reassess its relationship with the bottle.

Scrapheap ChallengeThe teams build high speed motorbikes capable of racing each other head-to-head around the twisty Scrapheap circuit.

10 x 1 hour programmes over 4 years

This WorldIn Thailand a charismatic woman leader has just won a general election promising justice for the victims of army violence. Last year more than ninety people were killed in bloody clashes between demonstrators and the army in central Bangkok. Award-winning correspondent Fergal Keane investigates the struggle of victims’ families as they seek the truth about what happened to their loved ones. He explores claims of cover-up and impunity for the powerful.

CastlePresented by Marc Morris an exciting, eye opening tour around Britain exploring the age of the medieval castle. Covering a period of six hundred years of British history, Marc charts the evolution of the medieval castle, from the primitive earth and timber ‘motte and bailey’ castles to the formidable stone structures which still dominate the land today.

2 x 60 minute programmes

Rough ScienceScience challenge series in which a team of five scientists pool their knowledge in order to complete a selection of set tasks

3 x 30 minute programmes over 2 years

Complete Television Credits

Broadcast Programming

Annie Goes to Hollywood BBC 01*01 hr The Garage Discovery 01* 01hr
Battersea Dogs Home BBC 30*30 min Holiday Guides BBC 10*40 min
The Boat Show BBC 01*50 min The Lion’s Den BBC 01*30 min
Britain’s Finest C5 01*90 min Match of their Day BBC 01*30 min
Brat Camp Series 5 C4 01*01 hr Newsround Special BBC 01*20 min
Cash in the Attic BBC 08*30 min Passport to the Sun BBC 07*30 min
Castle C4 02*01 hr The Practice C4 01*01 hr
To Catch a Thief BBC 03*30 min Rough Science BBC 04*30 min
The Cat Show BBC 01*50 min Scrapheap Challenge C4 10*01 hr
Ever Wondered About Food BBC 01*30 min Scrappy Races Rally C4 01*01 hr
Extraordinary People C5 01*01 hr Shipwrecked Extra E4\C4 03*30 min
Get a New Life Extra BBC 01*01 hr Trauma BBC 02*30 min
The Gospel of Gospel C4 01*01 hr Week in The West End BBC 01*01 hr
The Toughest Place to be… BBC 01*01 hr Who’d Hire You? BBC 01*30 min
This World: Thailand BBC 01*01 hr Panorama BBC 01*30 min
Stephen Fry: Gadget Man C4 04*30 min

Broadcast Programme Inserts (BBC)

Holiday Weekend Watchdog
Holiday Heaven Watchdog
On the House Watchdog Healthcheck
Royal Wedding Special Summer Holiday
Tomorrow’s World Crimewatch
12 days in Bethlehem

Other UK Programming

Crimewatch Extra BBC 3 01*30 min Model Magic Discovery 03*30 min
Funny Noise UK Play 30*15 min North East Tonight Tyne Tees 60*05 min
Magnetic North Tyne Tees 01*30 min Out+About 1998 BBC2 08*30 min
Miracle Cures Discovery 03*30 min Pick of the Week UK Choice 05*05 min

Overseas Programming

F1 Triathlon C10
01*01 hr Movie Network Promo Fox
03*90 sec
Magic Millions C7
01*01 hr Rush TV C7
10*05 min
Miami Animal Police Animal Planet (USA) 03*01 hr Treasure Island C7/CH5
09*01 hr

Commercials and Corporate

Coca Cola Olympic Epson
Westpac Newscorp
Saatchi & Saatchi

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