The Waffle House

Founded in June 1978, The Waffle House is a local institution. Situated within the iconic 16th Century, Grade II listed Kingsbury Watermill overlooking the River Ver, in the tranquil Conservation Area of St Albans, this family business is popular with all ages. We have been working with the team since 2012 and currently host their website.

We helped The Waffle House to develop a large following on social media (13,000 Facebook followers, 5,500 instagram followers and 3,500 twitter followers) by devising and posting content to entertain and engage existing fans while encouraging them to ‘spread the word’ by sharing posts with friends and family.

We also designed and produced e-newsletters and marketing materials, and assisted with customer relations, online gift card sales and The Waffle House’s community support programme from 2012 to 2020.

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