Office Workflow Automation Software

Office workflow automation

Automate your office tasks to save time and money.

If you’ve got an office full of processes which are incredibly time-consuming then maybe you’ve considered automating some of them?  For most businesses, quoting and invoicing are the big tasks, and there are lots of off-the-shelf packages for this. However, not every company’s workflow fits neatly into a generic software product. This is where Glint Media can help.

We have a proven track record of building bespoke, simple and fast task automation software packages to help a business save time and money when carrying out repeatable office tasks.

 What is Office Workflow Automation?

Any repeatable office task can be automated some great examples include:

  1. Compiling and maintaining a customer database, while allowing customers to access and manage their own data
  2. Generating and sending out customer quotes via post or email and gathering responses to those quotes automatically
  3. Project management for ongoing tasks, such as warehouse fulfilment, point of sale admin and stock control, agency resource allocation
  4. Connecting with third party accounting applications like QuickBooks or Sage to automate invoicing directly from within a project management environment

What Can Glint Media Provide?

We can build you a bespoke office automation system in a secure web browser-based environment. This allows you access to your vital business processes from anywhere in the world at any time. Our developers can work across a variety of platforms and programming languages, connecting existing systems with new processes and applications, to streamline your workflow and help you become more efficient.


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